Why Choose Family Dentistry?

When we go looking for dental care, we may not be thinking about exactly what kind of dental services we’re likely to require over time. However, this is something that we need to consider so that we can choose a dentist that is a good fit. These things can vary from person to person, obviously, and if you have a family to care for, you’re likely thinking about more than just your own treatment. If you’re looking for a great dental care provider for yourself and your loved ones, you may be confused by the different dental specialties and services. Some dentists specialize in pediatrics, which is great for the kids in your family, but results in a lack of continuity of care upon reaching adulthood and within your family. Some families feel that they prefer every member be seen at the same practice for convenience or other reasons. You may find yourself considering a general dentist, which is one who usually offers a wide range of basic dentistry services to patients, but may only accept adult patients. Those dentists who offer general dentistry to patients of all ages are known as family dentists. As a practitioner of family dentistry in Northborough, MA, Dr. Jacob Stein offers preventive and restorative services to patients of all ages, with a focus on cosmetic dentistry services for our adult patients.

Treatments for All Ages and Stages of Life

When a dentist is committed to offering treatment to patients of all ages, what this really requires is the ability to handle a very wide range of needs. As you probably know, prevention and good dental hygiene habits are an important part of anyone’s oral health care plans. For this reason, we feel it is our responsibility to educate our youngest patients all about oral hygiene. We also offer them preventive treatments such as sealants, which create a protective barrier on the molars, as well as fluoride treatments, which help strengthen the teeth’s natural enamel and make it less susceptible to decay. As your children grow and learn, we want to make dental cleanings and check-ups something to look forward to, in order to ensure good dental care habits for a lifetime.

For adult patients who are looking forward to making a great impression in the business world, who need to dazzle new work contacts or just want to look great for loved ones, our cosmetic dentistry services could provide the finishing touch to your appearance that gives you that competitive edge. Dr. Stein understands that you want to look your best, and has got many options for you to choose from for improving your smile. From teeth whitening to dental veneers and everything in between, Dr. Stein wants to be your partner in great smiles.

If you have broken or lost teeth and are looking for restorative dentistry services, Dr. Stein is your man. Dental crowns and bridges, as well as dentures, can provide great, esthetically pleasing and functional teeth replacements. Dental implant restorations provide patients with the most natural and longest lasting of teeth replacements.

Why wait? Call Dr. Jacob Stein at (508) 393-8589 today to learn more about the benefits of family dentistry, or request an appointment here. We look forward to hearing from you.